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Top quality and durability

Truly Handy is a modern and progressive company that will work with each client individually and comprehensively from sales to installation of high-end products, serving Naples and surround area commercial and residential. Our focus is simple: to serve each client with respect and uncompromising attention, to ensure nothing but superior customer satisfaction. Our team is also a certified Renson installation technicians, providing for quality services, knowledge, and credibility.

About RENSON - "Renson is the European trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation, outdoor solar shading and outdoor products. We manufacture our high-grade products ourselves in our ultramodern production facilities. We test our products in the most extreme conditions until we arrive at a flawless end result, which enables us to provide our customers with guaranteed optimal quality. Our network of comprehensively trained Ambassadors ensures flawless customer service, installation and post-installation support. We apply professionalism from start to finish".

Renson Outdoor Living - Powered Pergola

Minimalist design

Our products are highly innovative in terms of both appearance and product design. Seamless integration of optional elements, concealed fixings, durable materials and smart solutions create a perfectly finished product that will fit in with any type of home.

Endless personalisation options

Our modular product design and choice of countless integrated options mean we can offer you a perfectly customised package. Personalised screens, large choice of colours, sliding panels in various designs, glass walls, heating, music, etc., these are just a few of the different options that will bring about a unique personal configuration.

Ease of use and maintenance

Our products are required to maintain their qualities for many years - day in, day out - in all weathers and operate smoothly. That is why they are made of the highest-quality and most durable materials, which you will enjoy for many years with minimal maintenance.

Take a look in the Renson brochure to see all models and specs.

Our latest RENSON unit installed in Naples


Louvered systems are popular among those who want all-weather protection yet still want to enjoy an adjustable amount of sunlight. Louvered systems add an attractive and modern aesthetic to every space, and their high functionality makes them ideal for both residential and commercial use. Here are a few benefits offered by louvered systems and louvered pergolas.


Increased Protection

Nothing will make your guests want to leave faster than exposure to the harsh elements. Adding a louvered system, such as a louvered pergola, to your patio area will protect your guests from wind, rain, and sunburn from UV rays. What’s more, your patio furniture can also benefit from the cover it provides, as you won’t have to worry about your furniture getting wet or blowing over from the wind.


Architectural Appeal

Louvered systems aren’t just functional – they’re beautiful structures that enhance your existing architecture. If you want to impress your guests and add new life to your outdoor living space, a louvered system or louvered pergola is the way to go. It will instantly add sophistication to every type of space, which will make your space a more impressive and attractive venue for events.


Strong & Durable

Louvered systems are made constructed from durable, high-grade aluminum, which won't crack, rust, or warp. This strength and durability are especially important in Canada, where our weather can be unpredictable and harsh. Louvered systems and pergolas are guaranteed to be a long-lasting investment in your patio area or outdoor living space that you and your guests will be able to enjoy for years to come.


Adjustable Shade, Sunlight & Air Flow

If you want maximum control over the amount of ventilation and sunlight your patio area receives, a louvered system will provide the control you need. A louvered system allows you to open and close the roofs as desired, so you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors on your terms. For instance, if it’s windy and sunny, you can keep the roof fully closed to enjoy total protection. But if it’s breezy and slightly overcast, you can keep the roof open to appreciate the fresh air and sunlight.

Golf Course Application

Renson Outdoor Living - Powered Pergola


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