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Tips to get a perfect closet

Your daily routine begins and ends in the closet, so we believe it should be a place of peace, organization, and beauty. When it comer to the custom design of one of the most private spaces in your home, we work with you to transform your closet into an organized storage oasis. The many benefits gained with the addition of a custom closet system that includes rods, shelving, built-in drawers, and cabinets make your routine easier. You'll discouver a feeling of harmony that carries you through the day. Our approach transforms the closet system's organization into art and your closet into an oasis. Take a look at those tips!

1) Needing a flexible closet

You and your husband have different heights. If his hanging sections are designed at the same height as yours, his coats will be wrinkled at the bottom. If your hanging sections are designed for his height, then you’ll have dead space in the shelving below. When you have a vertically adjustable closet you can tailor each section to fit your clothes and height.

Your significant other likes to fold his jeans and put them on shelves. You like to hang jeans by the cuff. Your custom closet design needs to adjust to include sections for each of your needs. He’ll need shelving, you’ll need hanging space. One size does not fit all!

With professionally designed and manufactured closet systems there are holes on the side support sections to give you the ability to adjust your rods and shelves to fit your needs. This creates flexible space which changes with you as your mix of clothing and styles change.

2) Wall to wall closet design – using every inch of space and working around every obstacle

All the installation hassles (and dead space using standard section sizes) can be eliminated by starting first with a 3D custom closet design. A well-done design will begin by showing all the obstacles (electrical outlets, access panels, light switches etc.) you need to work around. The right design program and closet system will allow for custom sizes so you can create a wall to wall design using of your space. Nothing wasted at the sides.

3) Determine your best mix of closet hanging, shelving and drawer space.

Today you may be hanging most of your clothes on rods. In many cases this is how you have to do it because you only have a single shelf and rod at the top of your closet. This doesn’t mean this is the most efficient way to design moving forward. While doubling up (in the industry this is called “double hang”) your hanging is a sound strategy, it’s a good idea to step back and re-evaluate the amount of hanging space you need moving forward.

How would your thinking change if I told you it’s possible to store 2x as many clothes in a drawer (folded up) as you could get on hangers? In addition, with drawers the closet will look tidier than ever before. Ask yourself, could drawers make my closet storage more efficient and provide a less cluttered look vs. all these hangers I’m staring at today?

Photos via: Home designing and California Closets

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