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Kitchen design Trends 2020/2021 - Part 01

A trend that we observe in the word design scenario is that the lifestyle of modern owners and the new type of family dynamics place the kitchen at the heart of the house - thus creating a new style of open floor layout and fluid movement between the different functional zones.

Modern designers look for a fluid sequence of rooms on an open floor plan, a composition that usually includes a clean and tidy kitchen, an elegant dining room and an inviting living room layout - all suitable for a multidimensional lifestyle.

From the design point of view, this composition requires that the decoration be freed from unnecessary design elements and offer functional, elegant and minimalist use. Thus, modern brands and designers look for agile, mobile and organized furniture elements to equip the central part of the house - the kitchen without making it too heavy for the environment. The principle hide if you can - it becomes quite popular.

Picture via Interiorzine and Structura

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