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Here are some of the many benefits of having a kitchen island in your home:

1. Storage area

If you live in a small home or want to keep your furniture minimal, it can be hard to find space for storage. Kitchen islands usually have cabinets under them, so you can store food items such as flour, and other bulky items which aren’t used daily. It’s also perfect for storing your crockery or dishes.

2. Seating area

Another use of kitchen islands is placing some chairs or stools on the outward side to turn it into a dining table of sorts. Now you can dine close to the kitchen, and you have a dining table without making one. It’s a very flexible piece of furniture.

3. Countertop space

In an open kitchen, you may find that you don’t have enough countertop space when preparing complex meals. The island adds some welcome space where you can chop food, put items out to soak or dry, or gather all the ingredients you’ll need.

Photos via Decoraid

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