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How to decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are a timeless decorative piece that can turn any house into an instant stylish haven. Though they are commonly overlooked in the design world mirrors not only add an element of style but they serve a function.

Wall Mirrors have this unique ability to give energy, depth and dimension to a room. They can completely transform an interior space and reflect a brighter ambience, and often match perfectly with all sorts of furniture designs and accessories. The following interior design tips ought to help you understand how, where or where not to place wall mirrors in your lovely home, so we hope to inspire you with this article.

1) Be Versatile In Regards to Your Mirrors

Mirrors are not only meant to be on walls, rather you can also place them on the floor where they will still maximize the decor of a room.

2) Play Pretend by Using a Mirror as a Window

If you have a darker toned living space, then this idea is the right one for you, as the mirrors will reflect light whether if it’s on the wall perpendicular to a window or directly opposing it.

3) Dining Room Mirrors Are Extremely Important and Practical

When it comes to interior decor, the Dining Room is a central place where families and/or guests come together. So glamour up your space by adding a wall mirror. A great solution would be placing it right above a luxurious sideboard or console table.

4) Say Yes to Multiple Mirrors in the Bathroom

The beautiful surfaces that are normally seen in bathrooms usually go hand-in-hand with mirror’s reflections, making it the perfect place to use multiple mirrors, preferentially larger ones.

5) Large mirrors can give the illusion of high ceilings if placed at the correct position. Not to mention, tall and slender mirrors can actually create a multitude of optical illusions by mimicking a narrow hallway, which will make your room look even bigger.

If you have a tiny entryway, place a floor length mirror on one of the walls to make your home look bigger and less claustrophobic. However, instead of casually leaning the mirror against a wall, secure it with clips to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

6) Another fun idea to liven up your home while faking extra space is to cover the surface of cabinets and cupboards with mirror. Most hotels use this mirror hack to make the room look bigger and more extravagant. You don’t even need to frame these mirrors, just measure the surface of the cabinets and have the mirrors cut to the exact size. However, don’t forget to leave some space for the handle. If you live in a rental, use hooks to support the mirror as glueing it on might ruin the material underneath.

You can also cover door panels with mirrors, but don’t overdo it or else your house might turn into a hall of mirrors.

Via Decorholic - Feng Shui - Zameem

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